We have received glowing recommendations from candidates and corporate Clients over the years: 

  • We are extremely service oriented (old school in nature and state of the art in technology). 

  • We have a 92% closing ratio on all of our searches, due to our technical ability to both locate and motivate viable candidates to make a job change on behalf of our Client Company . 

  • We are guided by the Clients' specifications and never present anyone who does not meet that exact criteria. 

  • We locate, pre-screen and present viable candidates to the Client Company within a reasonably short period of time…2 – 3 weeks.  Thus saving the Client time and money during the hiring process. 

  • We do a great deal of negotiations between the Client Company and the candidate…insuring that the candidate falls within the specified salary parameters and is willing to accept the Client's offer.  In addition, we prepare the candidate for the acceptance of all issues regarding the potential offer…such as relocation, temporary housing, start dates, benefits, bonuses, stock awards, and enlighten them on how to respond to a potential counter offer.


  • We are a search firm not a resume house… we locate, motivate, present and evaluate only those individuals that are qualified and match the Client’s specifications.

  • We have established long term relationships with both our Clients and candidates, therefore maintaining a working relationship on an ongoing basis.

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​We offer a 90 day guarantee on all of our placements,

but have never in 38 years had to replace a candidate.

Elise R. Hinrichsen, CEO


In the business for over 38 years, M.A.T. Search, Inc. is a highly personal, credible and reliable Executive Search Firm. We are not a resume house, but an experienced firm dedicated to the needs of our Clients.

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