Management and Technology Search, Inc. (M.A.T.), a nationally and internationally known Executive Search Firm, has been in business since 1976.  M.A.T. has divisions that specialize in most of the major markets that depend heavily on search firms:

Electronic Commercial/Military Defense

Food Service
Medical Device

Wireless Communications

Each division has capabilities of conducting searches on a full service basis, be it…

Executive Search
Contingency Search
High Tech
Affirmative Action
Multiple Hires

Typical procedures and fees utilized by Management and Technology Search, Inc. (M.A.T.) are as follows:

1.    M.A.T. will conduct its search efforts for specific positions designated by the Client Company and will present a maximum of three (3) viable candidates during the course of the search.

2.    M.A.T. will be guided by specifications and job descriptions as provided by the Client Company.

3.    M.A.T. will utilize their resources to make the necessary contacts in locating and identifying qualified, professional candidates that meet the criteria set forth by Client Company. 

4.    M.A.T. will brief each candidate on the perspective job opportunity and insure that each candidate’s career goals and qualifications are compatible with the needs of the Client Company.  After the pre-screening of each candidate, he/she will then be presented.

5.    M.A.T. will be available to assist the Client Company with regard to further screening, evaluation and negotiations of potential candidates.

6.    Client Company will pay M.A.T. a placement fee based on a percentage of the estimated first year's annual gross income.  This fee is due and payable on the effective start date of each candidate hired.  Retainers will be negotiated on an individual basis.

7.    M.A.T. will guarantee the acceptable performance of each candidate hired by Client Company for a period of ninety (90) days. M.A.T. will replace the candidate at no additional fee if employment is terminated during the guarantee period.  This guarantee does not apply if Client Company has a reduction in work force for any reason.

References Furnished Upon Request.